Blue Flag USA

American Shore and Beach Preservation Association is the ‘National Operator’ for the Blue Flag program in the United States.

“Blue Flag is a voluntary international eco-award program produced by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and run by National Operators in each country. The program promotes environmental education and information; environmental management; safety and services; social responsibility; and responsible tourism in over 49 countries with over 4,800 sites. Awards are given by the international jury to beach, marina, and tourism boat operator applicants who meet 30+ criteria.”

Marinas, Beaches, and Boats

Marinas, Beaches, and Boats can all qualify for Blue Flag status by following a strict set of guidelines designed to promote eco-friendly environments. For marinas potential visitors and boat owners will know to expect a certain level of amenities but also that the marina has followed the Blue Flag guidelines for environmental friendliness. In the USA the marina award is still in the feasibility stage. Likewise beach communities will have met certain environment friendly guidelines like the Beach Clean initiative here on Topsail Island. Individual boat owners can qualify to fly the ‘Blue Flag’ from their boat staff again by adhering to a set of environmental friendly guidelines.

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