Advocate Goals: 2018

North Carolina Legislature

  • Protect funding and explore the expand use of the Shallow Draft Inlet Fund
  • Help find permanent sources of funding for the authorized NC Coastal Storm Mitigation Fund that will allow beach nourishment for municipalities not adjacent to inlets
  • Work on passage of property insurance legislation to reduce and control the high property and flood insurance rates for Topsail property owners.
  • Assist with needed legislation and funding for hardened structures.
  • Encourage the NC Division of Coastal Management to develop a management plan for sound-side flooding
  • Notify TISPC of any legislation that could impact Topsail Island activities on the ocean, inlet and sound.

United States Congress

  • Continue to facilitate the changes to CBRA mapping as Congressional bills move through sub-committee hearings.
  • Seek support from our Congressional Delegation for legislation that would allow the use of sand from inlet CRBA areas for beach nourishment.
  • Obtain federal funding and/or removal of 7-year sunset clause from approved federal beach nourishment projects.
  • Encourage total NC congressional delegation support committed to programs for coastal management
  • Investigate and promote the idea that the shallow draft inlets, the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway and beach shorelines are major infrastructure components of our national transportation system and storm mitigation barrier that should be maintained when legislation is written for the National Infrastructure Restoration bill.
  • Assist with education of NC congressional delegation of impact of current Community Rating System (CRS) is having on flood insurance cost and possible impact in other areas.
  • Notify TISPC of any legislation that could impact Topsail Island activities on the ocean, inlet and sound.


  • Obtain funding for NC Coastal Storm Mitigation Fund
  • Support efforts by CRC to establish regulations that protect and maintain dune structures that include proper flood control measures for communities
  • Establish a knowledge base for issues like “Drilling in Coastal Waters” – have info for those for and against
  • Begin the process of talking about sea-level rise and impact on coastal communities
  • Increase levels of oysters in coastal waters to protect the quality of water


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