Commission chair

Commission members

Onlsow County

  • Mark Price, County Commissioner

Pender County

  • Chad McEwen, County Manager,

North Topsail Beach

  • Mike Benson, Alderman
  • Tom Leonard, Alderman
  • Constance Pletl, at large
  • Richard Peters, alt.

Topsail Beach

  • Ed Broadhurst, TB BIS Committee
  • Jade Litcher, TB BIS Committee, Chair
  • Steven Smith, Mayor
  • Larry Combs, alt.

Surf City

  • Teresa Batts, Councilwoman
  • David Ward, SC BRN Committee
  • Hiram Williams, SC BRN Committee


  • Kyle Breuer, Town Manager, Surf City
  • Michael Rose, Town Manager, Topsail Beach
  • David Gilbride, Town Manager, N. Topsail Beach

Recording Clerk

  • India Mackinson, Project Specialist and
    Lead for North Carolina Fellow

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